Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I'm alive...Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
My new year resolution is to be a better blogger. My sister puts me to shame because she is so good. Oh, and I finally signed up for facebook! Wow, I'm well accomplished recently.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

4:40 AM

12:11 AM...I can't fall asleep 12:23 AM still trying 12:57 Might fall asleep soon
4:40 AM Daniel wakes up saying the door bell is ringing
I think he's dreaming and ask if he's sure. He looks out the window and says it's a Dr. who sells detox stuff for us outside. The door bell rings twice.
I'm livid!!!! 1 - I'm getting woke up and Daniel says it's already happend 4 times! This guy is not going away
2- Daniel got woke up and there's no reason he should be dealing with this guy

I answer the door...mostly awake but livid. He needs post cards. The brochures I left weren't enough. I give him 10 still having not said a word and he asks for more exclaiming he's hit a gold mine with a spa and he's going to teach someone how to recruit with the cards...which are for chiropractors NOT spas!!!!!!!!
I tell him I have no more, that the ones he has are for chiros and not spas and not to come to my house or call my phone before 7 am anymore! (the night before he was outside looking for the brochures and couldn't find them so called)

Are you serious? I know this sounds like a dream but it was VERY real. Who does stuff like that? and at 4 in the morning? I couldn't fall asleep again. I considered going to the gym...Daniel said just lay there and I'll fall hour later...I should have just got up.

Saturday, May 24, 2008 last!!!

I finally got my wall hangings finished and hung! I think they turned out pretty good. My sister did this amazing bird for her interior design portfolio that I stole and used for the living room...thanks sister!!! The Texas room needs more stuff but is starting to come together! it is!

Living Room...

Texas Room

Next up...curtains!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Major Update

I've had a major update on my blog tonight. Woo Hoo! Unfortunately, I still haven't posted any wedding pictures...but...they're coming.
So, I adjust the times so as you scroll down they'll be in order from last saturday to this morning...7 posts to be exact. Ok, enjoy, life is good!!!

Flower Planting Time!

Yippee! It's been slow coming, but I think we're finaly (mostly) in the clear. Last weekend I took a couple of hours and planted all my flowers I got with my sister. Here they are growing slowly on my porch...

So, in the week since I planted them it snowed again but they're survivors...and some are starting to bud. I also have strawberry plants I put inside until it gets warm all the time and I'm growing tomoates...I hope...those are still little seeds. I love spring!!!

Nothing Like Shoes

Somehow shoes seem to do it for me lately. I hate all of my clothes, but since I have cute shoes I feel fine about it. Maybe it's the change in season? Anyway, I wanted to share my latest 3 additions to the family...compliments of girls night out in Park City last weekend and my husbands credit card (I love being married!!!) ...

Celebration Continued!

So then, to continue the nice weather and a day when Daniel and I didn't have anywhere to go for once, we decided to go for a drive up the canyon...only...

There's still 50 feet of snow up there. It's kind of funny how you always think that how the weather is where you are it should be everywhere. I know it's winter in the mountains 1 month before and after the valley, but somehow a canyon drive still seemed like a good idea.

So, on the way back home, we found this nice park and decided to lay around for a bit and then walk the trails...

and there was this cute little bench.

Then, further along the trail was this cute little tree and a few flowers. It looked like someone cut a branch off a pine tree and stuck it in the ground, but it's a tree for real, growing and everything...